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Common Spine Problems Explained

Spine problems can cause significant discomfort and affect daily life. From slipped discs to spinal tumors, understanding common conditions is crucial for early detection and appropriate treatment. In this article, we explore various spine issues, their causes, symptoms, and available treatments. Slipped Disc Your spine is protected by a cushion-like disc called a vertebra. As …

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Spinal Disc Herniation Treatment (Spinal Disc Prolapse)

What is an intervertebral disc prolapse? An intervertebral disc is a cushion between the two vertebral bodies which acts as a shock absorber and gives flexibility to the vertebral column. It mainly consists of an outer fibrous structure called the annulus fibrosus and an inner gelatinous structure called nucleus pulposus. Any tear to the annular …

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Tips to Protect your Lower Back & Spine during Exercise

It’s well-known that exercising improves endurance, strength and overall health. But what happens if these exercise, ends up damaging your own body or, specifically the muscles of your lower back or spine. Such injuries that result from exercise can result in lower back ache, neck pain, pulled muscles and, less often, the stress fracture. The …

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What is a neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon is a medical physician who diagnose and treat ailments that affect your nervous system, which comprises of brain, spinal cord and nerves. In spite of the suffix “surgeon”, they offer both nonsurgical and surgical treatments, according to the latest treatment guidelines. How do you define a neurosurgeon? A neurosurgeon is an educated medical …

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